• Speaker Edifier S351DB

    The S351DB from Edifier is an active 2.1 speaker set with two compact 2-way satellite speakers and a modest subwoofer.
    Combine this 2.1 set with your computer, television or game console for an ultimate experience of movies, music or while gaming.
    The subwoofer has two line inputs, both a coaxial and optical digital input and Bluetooth aptX 5.0. Stream your music wirelessly
    from your smartphone and use the S351DB as a compact and good sounding HiFi set. By applying a 19mm titanium dome
    tweeter, 8-inch subwoofer, Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC), this 2.1 set delivers an impressive
    sound quality. Volume control and Bluetooth streaming functionality are easily controlled with the included Edifier Remote.
    The volume, bass and trebble can be adjusted on the speaker itself.Bluetooth 5.0
    Qualcomm aptX
    Digital Optical&Coaxial input. PC/AUX dual analog inputs
    150W RMS total power
    Titanium dome tweeters, aluminium diaphragm mids & 8″ subwoofer
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic range Control (DRC)
    IR remote control
    100-240V power supply

  • Speaker Edifier S350DB

    Edifier S350 DB is the latest 2.1 active speaker comes with a 3.5inch aluminium
    diaphragm subwoofer and titanium dome tweeters in Edifier’s next generation of
    desktop lifestyle speakers. Where workplace and home has converged, this
    classically styled system exudes old school temperament with modern
    technologies utilised to full effect. Enjoy these speakers at home or at the
    workplace.Bluetooth 4.0
    Qualcomm aptX
    Optical input with 24Bits/48KHz decoding
    150W RMS total power
    Titanium dome tweeters, aluminium diaphragm
    mids & 8″ subwoofer
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic
    Range Control (DRC)
    IR remote control
    Universal power supply
    Power output : R/L(treble): 15W+15W
    R/L(midrange and bass): 25W+25W
    SW: 70W
    Signal to noise ratio : R / L: _ 80dB (A) ; SW: _ 85dB
    Distortion : R/L: 0.2% ; SW: 0.2%
    Frequency response : R/L: 160Hz -20KHz ; SW: 40Hz -160Hz
    Input sensitivity : PC : R/L: 600±50mV ; SW: 270±20mV
    AUX: R/L: 400±50mV ; SW: 200±20mV
    Optical/Coaxial:R/L: 400±50mFFS ; SW: 200±20mFFS
    Bluetooth: R/L: 400±50mFF ; SW: 200±20mFFS
    Input type : PC, AUX, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth
    Bass unit : 8”
    Mid-range and bass : 3,5”
    Treble driver : 3/4” titanium top treble
    Voltage : 100-240V
    Power cable : (1.8M / 5.9ft) ; 3.5mm-RCA audio (1.7M / 5.5ft)
    Speaker connecting (3M / 10ft) Fiber optic input (1.5M / 5ft)
    Speaker dimensions : Subwoofer : 312x265x289mm
    Satellites : 156x127x217mm
    Gross Weight : 19.1kg

  • Speaker Edifier S360DB

    2.0 speakers plus wireless subwoofer
    Hi-Fi class planar diaphragm tweeters
    4 inch (105 mm) aluminum mid-range drivers
    Wireless subwoofer with 8 inch long-throw speaker driver
    Bluetooth 4.1 with Qualcomm® aptX™ decoder
    Class-D high efficient amplifier with DSP technology
    MDF wooden enclosure to reduce sound resonancePower output :R/L (treble): 10W+10W
    R/L (midrange and bass): 30W+30W
    SW: 75W
    Signal to noise ratio :R/L: ?85dB(A)
    SW: 85dB
    Frequency response :R/L: 60Hz – 40KHz
    SW: 40Hz – 150Hz
    Input type :PC/AUX/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth
    Driver unit :Bass unit: 8-inch (220mm)
    Mids+bass unite: 4-inch (105mm) x 2
    Tweeter unit: Planar diaphragm tweeter x 2

  • Speaker Edifier XM3BT

    Multimedia Speakers
    Multimedia speakers in MDF wooden enclosure
    Bluetooth V4.1
    FM radio tuner
    LED lighting effectsPOWER OUTPUT : R/L: 8W+8W SW: 22W
    SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO : R/L: ?85dB(A) SW: ?80dB/li>
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE : R/L: 150 – 20,000 Hz SW: 50 – 180 Hz
    BASS UNIT : 5 1?4 – inch (148mm)
    MID-RANGE + TREBLE UNIT: 3 1?2 – inch (88mm) x 2
    WEIGHT: 5.31kg

  • Speaker Edifier C2X Optical

    The C2XD 2.1 speaker unit features a modern design that is suitable for a wide range of applications, environments and end customers. The C2XD is
    equipped with Optical, RCA and auxiliary inputs for versatile connection options. The optical input allows the C2XD to be connected to multiple devices,
    cable boxes, media consoles and gaming consoles for a great audio experience. The 6½ inch subwoofer produces an incredible 35 watts RMS in
    addition to the 18 watts RMS produced by the satellites, each comprising of a 3 inch midrange and ? inch tweeter, totaling 53 watts RMS. The incorporation
    of the Edifier Intelligent Distortion Control technology effectively and efficiently reduces distortion at loud volume levels maintaining a great audio
    experience at the loudest volumes.External independent amplifier with LED digital display
    Optical audio input option for connectivity to consoles and media centers
    3.5mm-3.5mm auxiliary and RCA-3.5mm auxiliary input options
    Additional 3.5mm Auxiliary input and Headphone output port on the side of the amplifier
    Infrared remote control for volume, bass and treble adjustments, input selection, mute and standby
    Volume dial, input selection, bass and treble adjustment options located on the amplifier
    ? inch silk dome tweeters, 3 inch midrange drivers and a 6½ inch bass driver, all magnetically shielded
    Edifier Electronic Intelligent Distortion Control (EIDC) patent-pending technology incorporation to dynamically
    manage input overload and avoid audio distortion
    100% MDF wooden enclosure for both satellites and subwoofer for enhanced sound performance
    Built-in universal power supply