• CPU Cooler RGB Alseye X120T

    Adjustable RGB Syster, 16.8million color lighting effect
    The compact fin layout facilitates uniform heat transfer and effectively improves airflow rate at the air outlet
    Unique frameless design, invisible screw design, demonstrate high-end temperament
    6 hight efficiency heat pipes closely cover the surface of the CPU, greatly increasing the contact area,
    and allowing heat to be more efficiently conducted to the heat skin finsFan speed (RPM) 600-1800RPM ± 10%
    Noise dB (A) 26.3dB (A) ± 10%
    Radiator size *air flow 42.2CFM ± 10%
    Wind pressure 2.1mm / H2O ± 10%
    Fan size 120mm (L) * 120mm (H) * 30mm (H)
    Bearing type Hydraulic
    Power interface 1.25 5pin
    Cooling method Heat sink material Pure copper heat pipe, aluminum fins

  • CPU Cooler RGB Alseye H120Z

    Gorgeous and amazing,Crystal aperture, dazzling LED effects
    Remarkable power, Equipped with premium motor modules,
    hydraulic with longer service life, and wide fan blades for powerful blast capacity
    Fastener technology, Aluminum fins are equipped for better quality,
    exquisite workmanship, and uniform radiation
    Compact size, powerful effects, Optimal solution: 95W heat dissipation
    Bottom polishing, Seamless fitting with CPU for reliable radiation
    Powerful compatibility, Both Intel and AMD platforms are supportedPrdouct Dimensions : 124 x 124 x 68mm
    Heat Sink Material: Aluminum
    Coltage : DC 12V
    Current : 0.45A
    Input Power : 5.4W
    Fan Speed : 900 – 2200R.P.M +/-10%
    MAX. Air Flow : 13.42 – 49CFM +/-10%
    Max. Static Pressure:0.3 – 1.5mm/H20 +/-10%
    Noise Level : 17.5 – 33.8 dB(A)
    Bearing Type : Hydraulic
    Life Expectancy : 40,000 hours
    Connector : (2510) 4Pin
    Color : 5 Colors (Red,Blue,Green,Purple,Orange) lighting at the same time

  • CPU Cooler RGB Alseye H120D

    Direct Air Tunnel Effect
    Dual fans make the heat sink and the whole cooling channels aligned, maximizing the heat output.
    Stamping FIN
    The heat pipe is stamped between the fins,
    increased contact area between the fins and the heat pipe can enhance conduction efficiency greatly.
    Improve Cooling Efficiency
    6 x U-shaped heat-pipes for fast transfer of heat, to make sure the CPU is running at optimal performance
    Excellent Performance LED Fan
    Ultra wide PWM RPM range and rifle bearing,increased cooling performance
    Universal Socket Compatibility
    Multiple socket to support
    Innovative design and bright black texture
    Dual 120mm PWM RGB fan
    Universal platform support and easy installation
    6 U-shaped heat pipesProduct Dimensions 123x154x106 mm
    Heatsink Dimensions:154x123x58 mm
    Heatsink Weight:518 g
    Heat Pipe O6 mm 6 pcs
    Fan Dimensions:120x120x25 mm
    Fan Rated Voltage:DC 12V
    Fan Rated Current:0.15~0.3 A
    Fan Speed:800-2000 R.P.M.
    Fan Airflow:18.3~45.2 CFM
    Fan Air Pressure:0.41~2.14mm/H2O
    Fan Noise:24.1~35.5 dB(A)
    Fan Connector:4-pin(PWM)
    Bearing Type:Rifle
    Fan MTTF:40,000hours